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What are we looking for?

Rooster Teeth Games is looking to introduce fun, innovative, weird, addictive, kickass (you get the idea) gaming experiences to the millions of players in our ever-growing community. We want games that are not only awesome to play, but compelling to a viewing audience. 

What can we offer you?

Rooster Teeth Games offers independent developers the opportunity to tap into, leverage, and gain exposure within Rooster Teeth’s pervasive and influential community. The company has a massive global footprint of more than 35 million subscribers to its YouTube Network, and more than 5 million unique monthly visitors to its RoosterTeeth.com hub.

  • MARKETING: As the industry shifts its marketing focus to “influencer” marketing, Rooster Teeth Games is in prime position with our well established Let’s Play Network and vast social media reach.
  • DISTRIBUTION: We have existing partnerships with all the major platforms: Steam, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Amazon, Google, YouTube. We also have growing partnerships in Japan, China, Austrailia, and the UK.
  • EVENTS: We also have partnerships that afford us placement at the major global industry events and conventions including our own annual event, Rooster Teeth Expo. We’re expecting over 65k attendees for 2018 alone.
  • DEV SUPPORT: In an effort to strive for quality, we’ll help with QA, localization, and have internal development team available for consultation.

Let’s talk deets!